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Digital Deepak Internship

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12+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing and yet never bored of it and constantly have the urge to learn and upgrade myself. I took this Corona Pandemic to my advantage to learn something extra and jumped into Digital Deepak’s Internship course which I was skeptical for almost 2 years, attended his webinars but never joined the course and now after joining it made me realize what I have missed.

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To talk about Digital Deepak, He is the man who follows the phrase “Practice What you preach & preach what you Practice”. I am amazed by his concept and involvement to digital marketing. I liked the way he made us (Students of his batch) to post about the course on every social media and created a buzz /branding for himself which is his main teaching “Personal Branding” that got my attention and seriousness and I now I can very well say “He knows what’s he talking Dude”.

Deepak Kanakaraju, a wonderful human being, versatile speaker and extremely talented Digital Marketer

Lets get to what the 2 hr. session was all about apart from the 30 mints of introduction from various future successful digital marketers.

1. Finding the Gold (I was excited when he said that, I think most of us will be)


b.    Google auto suggest

c.     Amazon reviews

d.    Talking to customers

e.    Scratch your own itch

The above list is just few ways to understand where and how you can find the Gold. All you need to do is to find your perfect fit, which aligns with your passion and talent.

2. Economics (Age of our country)

I don’t think anyone including an economist (Over exaggerating) could be so clear to make one understand what future India holds for us. Deepak clearly mentioned the age of our country, which decides the spending pattern. He made us understand how everything is going to be digitalised. So we stand a huge chance in this domain. Hurray!!!

“DEBT CREATES MONEY” He said – Which is so true. Learnt that from my experience as well.

Some of his suggestion on books to enrich us with economic knowledge is

a.    Economic 101

b.    Currency War

c.     Books by Paul Krugman

d.    Books by Raghuram Rajan

e.    Books by Adam Smith

3. Communication is the key

He did loose me at this part since I have been hearing this and pushing this to my team for years now. This has been the topic constantly discussed from school to everyday at work. I being a marketing head for a startup highly value the importance of communication. I totally agreed to all the ways he mentioned on how one could improve the communication skill

a.    Start reading for 30 minutes a day

b.    Think and talk in English

c.     Listen to podcast & News

d.    Write a blog often to improve your writing skills and English knowledge.

e.    Watch movies, TV Series, Comedy Shows and much more (I always loved this part. In fact I started to play movies in my office to train my team in English and called it Friday Fever)

4. Mass Trust (Word Coined by DigitalDeepak)

To be honest this word did catch my attention, “MASS TRUST”. One has to really work hard and smart to gain this and DigitalDeepak has proven that it can be done. He went on and told the ways to do it too. Email marketing plays a vital role in it.

5. Future of Digital Marketing

If you have any doubts that Digital marketing is going to die please erase it right now. It is going to grow for sure and the statistics says so too. Marketing has been a part of the planet since the day of Adam & Eve. It has just changed forms and now its digital going forward.

6. Content & Community

This is one of the main ways in which DigitalDeepak came into existence. He created a tribe for himself and each day the tribe is growing and their needs too. He wanted us to focus on our niche and create a tribe for ourselves. Niches like Health, Wealth and Relationships are the major ones. The perfect advice was to get narrower with the niche for a successful journey.

7. Integrated Digital Marketing

In traditional marketing we used many ways and they were successful but was not efficient. It was just random marketing. However Integrated Digital Marketing has an efficient approach. We give the required content to the public through social media platforms and reach the interested people. Its much more focused. From that info we create a tribe and focus on selling the products only to the required people. Hence the chance of conversion is more.

8. C.A.T.T

C – Content A – Attention T – Trust T – Transaction

Learn this mantra and it will definitely lead you to success. Content is the most essential part of digital marketing so create it good and this will get you the attention from the respective crowd and in turn build the trust of your tribe, which converts to transaction.

9. Funnel

Have a target 1 crore in 3 years

The explained way

Sell a product to 10,000 people at 1000 each or

Sell a product to 1000 people at 10,000 each. Choice is yours.

Sales funnel is a part of every marketing strategy. End of the day everything boils down to money. So have a target and towards it. The above-mentioned points lead you to this. So follow it strictly.

10. Extras from previous Class (How to Choose Niche)

A video shared by Deepak from previous batch to guide us on how to choose our niche. It does enlighten us on various ways.

11. Building your Personal Brand

I have always known this but never taken it so seriously and did not know this would have so much impact. This reminded me of a scene from the movie KGF (Kannada Movie) how Rocky created a brand for himself and he becomes a great hit. So I realised it too. Personal Branding is important. (eg. Raymonds since 1925)

Don’t try to fit in. People always want to hear from people rather than from brands. Build your own brand and there will be a tribe for you.

12. Assignment

There are 7 assignments in this course and if we do 4 we are good but to the level of motivation I received I don’t mind doing all 7 and more. Each assignment will be learning and I am sure this was one too.

I am not a writer and I have not written so much in a very long time. Hope you guys like this and please do let me know your comments. It would definitely help me improve.

Thank you

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