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Welcome to yet another blog-series of mine on Digital Marketing from the Digital Deepak’s Internship program.

Thank you for reading and giving your valuable feedback on my previous post.

Here’s a recap on the last session. Let me know if you find this informative!

Learn Do Teach

Learn – Do –Teach

This process shortens the path between knowledge, practice and understanding. It always works!

Learning helps us to process any kind of information the right way.

The next step is to apply what we learn. It propagates the knowledge we acquire.  

And finally, teaching. When you teach, you promote self-growth. Teaching acts as a catalyst to learning and builds self-confidence too.

Digital Deepak demonstrates this very well in his session by giving an opportunity to someone from the group to present a two-minute video during the webinar.

One of the statements made by Deepak Kanakaraju that made great sense to me was “Mistakes are future benefits”. I agree to this and would like to add on by saying that  “Mistake are future benefits but try not to repeat the mistakes!”


What is Marketing?

When this question was raised, I thought to myself if this was going to be one of my Management classes. Thank God it wasn’t!  He then stated ”Marketing is all about good conversations and building trust.” True that! Without a good conversation, we can’t build trust and without building trust we can’t sell our product.

For a true marketer, the one to one conversations are very important to strengthen the trust and that happens only if you are being your real self.

In addition to this, travelling, understanding minds and knowing different languages make a person a better Marketer.

“Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.” (Source:Google)

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Communication works for those who work at it! One of the areas that a Marketer needs to focus on is his ability to speak in front of a large crowd. The willingness to speak makes it easier all together.

Potential Client

Who is your Audience?

Not everyone is! It would be a waste of time pitching your product to each and every person you know. You need to find your ideal customer based on his qualities and characteristics. By analysing these, you can find the people who will benefit the most from your business. Following are some key elements to keep in mind whilst trying to reach to the potential customer:

  • The number of mails you send; the more the merrier!
  • Keep the mails short, yet interesting and engaging. The headline should be crisp!
  • Address the customer personally and make the mails friendlier.
  • Connect with your audience on a one to one basis.
  • Listen to them attentively while they speak and try to stick to productive conversations.

“The weakest link is the strength of the chain”. So work towards making your weak areas stronger!

Visionary Moment

A ha moment for Deepak – how to make sure you don’t give up on your dream.

Defining your target customer, whom we call it Customer Avatar.

Refer to some of the sample customer avatars here

Focus on the centre and not the border

You should try to stick to the core of your business. Because once you shift your focus to the exterior factors, you lose control over the foundation itself!

Create an avatar so that you know what exactly he looks like. This gives you a clear picture of whom to sell and how to sell the product.

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Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Don’t hesitate to stand out or feel awkward.

One has to keep experimenting with new things. This broadens the scope of learning and growing.

My customer Avatar

I have been a Sales & Marketing guy for the past 12+ years. And now I have decided to venture into Digital Marketing. I plan to start a digital marketing agency and focus on supporting young budding entrepreneurs to improve their brand value and help them generate lead digitally.

Hence I conducted a survey with all my friends and came to a conclusion as below:

My survey link … Praveen Joe’s Digital Marketing Survey for Entrepreneurs

Customer Avatar 1:

Kaustubh, a 30 year old, owns a Cafe in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad. He has pulled crowd with his quality of food and by conducting events such as stand-up comedy, music concerts, open mic etc. He is looking forward to brand his Cafe and build more customers.

Customer Avatar 2:

Mehul is one of the budding entrepreneur from my Digital Deepak Internship batch from surat, who is into selling curtains for quite sometime. He looks forward to generate leads through Digital Marketing and make a sale.

Hope this read was instructive and gave you a basic insight into the world of Digital Marketing. I will try to make my next blog a more interesting one! 😉

Please leave your comments below!

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