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Hi I am Praveen Joe. I am currently the Director & Co-founder of TheThinkSmiths.

A Software and Digital Marketing company.

Let me take you through the pivotal milestones of my personal and professional journey.

I hail from Vellore, a small town in Tamil Nadu. I studied tool engineering with an endeavor to step into the manufacturing industry but my career goals evolved over the course of time. Having strong interpersonal skills and passion for travel, I pursued MBA in International Business Management from Switzerland.

After successfully finishing the course, I worked for one of the finest companies in the finance sector. Things were perfect from a career perspective, not to mention, I had a happening life in this beautiful country. However, constant thoughts to venture into something in my homeland were stirring up every now and then. I followed my hankering to return to India, leaving behind a sumptuous lifestyle.

After which, I partnered with a friend of mine in running a recruitment company. At this juncture, we had our share of learning, experiences, success, and failures too. But things fell by the wayside and I had to withdraw myself out of it.

At this phase of my life, I realised that in my pursuit of riches, I didn’t focus much on the right mindset to achieve my goals. In all honesty, it was mostly the want of success and wealth. Something did seem to be missing.

In a muddled state of mind, I pushed myself and worked several jobs. Everywhere I went, I contributed greatly to the company’s growth and established good connections as well. These jobs taught me some powerful lessons to honour the essence of who I am and what I love doing.

Ultimately my heart was always reaching out to something better, something fulfilling. I imagined myself in a space where my marketing skills and strong potential to connect with people would be acknowledged and leveraged to the fullest. I began to lean towards digital marketing a few years ago. This motivated me to start TheThinkSmiths along with a friend who had a similar mindset.

I believe my optimistic outlook and unwavering desire to grow with my strengths brought me to the right place.

A piece of advice I would like to give to the young entrepreneurs out there:

Develop the right mindset for your goal and follow it.